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“Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.The lion has roared—who will not fear? The Sovereign Lord has spoken—who can but prophesy?”

Amos 3: 7-8

“The Word of the Lord came unto me in 1989 saying, ‘…there is coming a season in your nation when I will restore the gift and ministry of the prophet back to My church.Go prepare the way…’”

Responding to the call

Rev Richard Oluseyi Asaolu has for over 25 years, in obedience to the heavenly vision, applied himself to the disciplines of the prophetic. Bro Richard firmly believes today’s emerging prophets must essentially cultivate Christ-like character ahead of their gifts, with their focus centered on the simplicity of devotion and love for our Lord Jesus Christ.


Rev Richard O. Asaolu’s Nature of the Prophetic Ministry



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What Others Say

“It is a great priviledge to testify about the ministry of Prophet Richard. I have known him and his prophetic ministry for 19 years. He is truly called of God and anointed for this generation. He played a significant role at our ministry inauguratipn on 29th May, 1999. Almost every prophetic word he gave me during the inauguration had come to past with the remaining prophetic words unfolding currently. I have known him over the years to be focused and consistent in his mandate to our generation. I gladly endorsed and recommend his ministry to the Body of Christ. Rev Richard Oluseyi Asaolu is indeed a gift and a balanced minister of the New Testament Gospel.” Apostle Bunmi A. Paul

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Experiencing God’s Healing Power Through Your Hands

This course is devoted to help you live out Jesus’ command in Mark 16:18c “they [believers] shall lay hands on the sick and they [the sick] shall recover.” This course combines class training in what the Bible says concerning healing being the children’s bread with practical demonstration where you actually learn by seeing Bro Richard function in praying for the sick and practical experience where you too are provided an opportunity to push back your fear and walk in greater depth of boldness and authority by praying and laying hands on the sick in a safe,warm environment to experience the joy of watching God heal them just as He promised.


What to expect at this event?

People who attend this meeting and are in need of healing have an opportunity to receive their healing as Bro Richard prays and lays hands on them in accordance with Jesus’ command in Mark 16:18c “they [believers] shall lay hands on the sick and they [the sick] shall recover.”

If you are in need of healing, you will be given a brochure with information and testimonies from previous meetings like the ones you are about to experience.You will also be provided with a healing prayer request form to list what it is you need healing for.As the miracle and healing service progresses, Bro Richard calls people forward to have hands laid upon them along with prayer for their healing.As he prays for you or have one of his how to heal the sick trained disciple [Divine Healing Technician] to pray for you, you may also find him explain to the congregation what he is doing and why he is doing what he is doing.

This method is unique a prophet functioning in a healing ministry.Prophets called to function in a healing will not just heal the sick, but rather will use healing the sick to demonstrate the ways of the Spirit and thereby teach God’s people, “…that everyone may learn and be encouraged…” 1 Corinthians 14:29-31


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“A teacher in school slapped my brother’s ear which resulted in bleeding and loss of hearing on the traumatised ear.The medical report after physical examination by an ENT (Ear/Nose/Throat) Specialist was not in any way encouraging.Days, weeks and months that followed had having to shout at him in the house before he could hear us.We were worried for his future.I went for a meeting where Rev Richard prayed for a lady who had one hand shorter than the other. To my amazement, I witnessed the shorter hand grew out to the same length with the other hand.This encouraged me to meet Pst Richard privately over my brother’s healing. Rev Richard requested for a handkerchief to pray over in accordance with Acts 19:11-12 which I provided him…”

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Biblical Principles Concerning Ethics and Protocols Relating to New Testament Prophetic Ministry

“These values and principles have captured my heart, so help me God!”

Rev Richard Oluseyi Asaolu


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